Ujda Chaman Film Review


Ujda Chaman Film Review

Story: Chaman Kohli, a 30-year-old faculty lecturer is plagued with issues arising from his receding hairline, because he frequently finds himself as the ass of insensitive jokes. His family wishes to hook him up with a qualified woman, but he is always rejected because of his appearances.
Ujda Chaman Film Review

From his pupils in faculty, to his friends as well as his parents, all of them make fun of his bald spot. Additionally, his parents are in a hurry to get him married until he turns 31, because an astrologer forecasts that when he is not hitched before that, he’ll be doomed to a lifetime of celibacy. Just as he hates the thought, he concedes to parental stress, just to be rejected every time. His own efforts at discovering someone nearly always fails. Finally, when someone falls in love , she isn’t exactly the’kind’ he would like to be with.
Even though the first half of this movie tries to be funny and quirky, the’very loud Delhi household’ humour along with the louder background score are a tender point. Actually, the background score makes sure that there’s not any scope for subtlety or gentle humour. Along with the very first section hammers the ridicule of a bald individual scene after scene to the stage of fatigue. From the second halfof the movie mainly performs as a play and possibly, redeems itself into a certain extent by earning the concept of accepting people for who they are. And looking past their external appearances. But overall, it’s the weak writing which does not explore past the germ of this idea which makes the narrative reverse.
However, for most part, his expression is still the same through the movie (glistening eyes and sullen face). After a point it stops producing any effect. Maanvi Gagroo has a nice screen presence and brings into a heartfelt performance. Sharib Hashmi using a little bit of role creates an effect. Karishma Sharma and Aishwarya Sakhuja are powerful within their little components.
In general,’Ujda Chaman’ conveys a pertinent message, but the trip to eventually get to it’s a one.


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