Trance Film Review


Trance Film Review

Despondent motivational coach Viju Prasad is hired with a corporate to be a warrior and a miracle-worker of types. But, his stunt live TV places their whole operation under the scanner. What will the consequences be?
In a time when faith is the new medication, Anwar Rasheed’s Trance is guaranteed to hit a chord with these blinded by religion, the freethinkers and sceptics.
Trance Film Review

Viju Prasad (Fahadh), a down-on-his-luck inspirational coach runs from post to pillar to create his own life work, amid even caring for his younger brother. But, things take a dire turn and he’s made to move to Mumbai to find a new beginning. And in this despondent juncture, he receives an offer from two wealthy guys (Gautham Vasudev Menon and Chemban Vinod) to combine them as a warrior of types. Their objective would be to mint money with religion as the front. However a stunt live TV attracts the whole operations beneath the scanner and the remainder of the film follows its effects on Joshua, his managers and his own followers.
Fahadh as a subdued Viju along with the flashy Joshua is your maniacal energy which drives the movie. He’s charismatic as Joshua, and his personality is a mirror image of a few of the favorite faith-healers across the world. Gautham Vasudev Menon, Dileesh Pothan as Joshua’s adviser Avarachan and Soubin Shahir as TV journalist Mathew will be the other three main characters that deliver the required heft to equilibrium Fahadh’s functionality.
Nazriya’s function as Esther Lopez is unlike anything she’s done before. Since the weed-smoking, alcohol-swilling woman, it is a clean breakaway in the bubbly, girl-next-door functions which she’s generally associated with.
Director Anwar understands the first half totally right in its pacing and articles. On the other hand, the second half of this script, by Vincent Vadakkan, loses steam using the plot then nearly symbolizing Joshua’s mindset in these scenes. The manufacturers appear to have chosen style over substance from the latter . The angle between Esther and Joshua also looked forcefit and drags what is the almost three hour movie. Vincent though gets points for emphasizing the perils of trust which imitation messiahs supply with a metropolitan and fashionable spin on the appropriate assumption.


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