Top 15 Tourist Place in Sweden – 3

Ales Stenar
This monument is referred to as the Stonehenge of Sweden, also it’s simple to comprehend the comparison. Ales Stenar is a great rock boat made by 59 large sandstone boulders. The monument dates back into the Iron Age, which will be roughly 600 AD as well as prior to the Viking Age. Elect for a guided tour of Ales Stenar so that you may find some background and circumstance when admiring the unbelievable rock monument in Ystad.

Drottningholm Palace
Even though Sweden is home to innumerable palaces and castles, among the most famous is located in Lovö island at the middle of Lake Mälaren. Drottningholm Palace was built in the 16th century, and it’s currently a home of the Royal Family. But a lot of the palace and its grounds are available to the general public. The English and Aztec gardens, particularly, are tremendously popular. The Chinese Pavilion from the gardens is amazing, and it’s regarded as one of Sweden’s greatest architectural attractions.

Abisko National Park
From the Lapland area of Northern Sweden, you’ll find that the Abisko National Park. It’s among the most popular parks in the nation, and it’s home to the Abisko Scientific Research Station. If you are visiting the park, then you will probably be interested in doing some trekking. The renowned Kungsleden hiking trail is almost 500 kilometers (300 kilometers ) long, and it begins right from Abisko. In wintermonths, there are also opportunities for ski and snowboarding. Be on the watch for wildlife which includes moose, reindeer and bears.

Stockholm archipelago
Only minutes from the capital town of Stockholm, you are going to arrive in the Stockholm Archipelago. This is a shocking selection of over 30,000 islands, a few of which are big and occupied and many others who are mere stones in the water. The archipelago is well known for amazing sailing, amazing scenery and also for being a refuge for many artists and writers in Scandinavia. If you would like to walk to a sandy beach or kayak at crystal clear water, but nevertheless be only a brief distance out of Stockholm, then the archipelago is completely worth seeing.

The little village of Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden is home to the unbelievable Icehotel. Each year, the whole resort is rebuilt with ice and snow cubes taken in the neighboring Torne River. The Icehotel is obviously under freezing temperatures to guarantee stability. The pub is carved from ice hockey, along with the glasses are created out of ice! Furs, animal skins and high quality sleeping bags guarantee comfortable temperatures for guests, and you may just remain in the Icehotel between December and April of every year.

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