Top 15 Tourist Place in Sweden – 1

Uppsala Domkyrka
There’s loads of fantastic architecture from the university town of Uppsala, but one fascination stands out: The Domkyrka. The Domkyrka, or cathedral, dominates the town’s skyline and is also the biggest church in all Scandinavia. Since the chair at the Church of Sweden, it’s also the final resting spot for several Swedish royals. The cathedral dates back to the 13th century, and its own three gothic spires are really breathtaking.

Vasa Museum
The Vasa Museum, or Vasamuseet, is located in the Djurgården, a Huge royal park at the Östermalm area of Stockholm. Even though Sweden’s capital city is home to lots of amazing museums, the Vasa Museum is frequently cited among the ideal. The beginning exhibition in the Vasa Museum is Vasa himself, a completely preserved Swedish warship in the 17th century. Vasa was pulled out of the water in 1961 and thoroughly restored, and it provides incredible insight into marine life and business from the 17th century.

Oresund Bridge
The Öresundsbron, or Oresund Bridge, is among the most significant bridges in Europe. Oresund Bridge is the longest combined road and rail bridge around the continent, and it stretches from the city of Malmö around into the Danish city of Copenhagen. You are able to drive across the bridge, but you may also have a train or bus to cross between the boundary and venture out for a day visit to Denmark.

Are Ski Resort
Are is one of Sweden’s best winter destinations, and it boasts over 100 slopes and over 40 ski lifts. There are 3 big ski areas to pick from: Björnen, the High Zone and Duved-Tegefjäll. Björnen is perfect for households, boasting more slopes. The High Zone is your busiest with the many runs, also Duved-Tegefjäll is not as crowded and provides chances to ski off piste.

Gammelstad Church Town
Just Outside town of Lulea, in Sweden’s Lapland area, is the older church city of Gammelstad. Also called Gammelstads kyrkstad, this selection of constructions dates back to the 15th century. The highlight is that the old stone church, which is surrounded by over 400 wooden homes. The easy homes are red and white, and they have been utilized by countryside citizens that arrived in town for church events or services. This unusual attraction indicates the communal soul and state lifestyle that overlooks in the distant parts of Sweden.

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