Ottam Film Review


Ottam Film Review

Abin, a man conquered with the chances handed out to him, decides to end his life. But a chance encounter with a bunch of goons changes his life and his fate.
The film also introduces new faces Nandu Anand, Roshan Ullas, Renu and Madhuri and is written by debutant screenwriter Rajesh Kumar Narayanan.
Ottam Film Review

Abin, a young guy defeated by his circumstances, decides to end his life. Abin and Vinay, unbeknownst to both of them possess their destinies entwined with each other. 1 man’s loss is another man’s benefit in this rat race. Like every good race, Ottam actually thickens just in the second half. From the first half of it takes its sweet time establishing the theme and assumption. It doesn’t grow and settle into the story till after the interval.
Nandu Anand, the lead man, is the quintessential charming, do-gooder boy-next-door; a role he plays with ease. Renu Soundar, that plays the direct love interest Maria, a debutant herself, does a fantastic job. And sound artists such as Rohini, Alencier, Manikandan, and Kalabhavan Shajon also hold the movie together with their own craft. The visual are aesthetic as well as the cinematographer knows what he is doing.
However, the narrative is the weakest link . Ottam has an actual race scene which forms the crux of the film. And this scene is thought out and visualised nicely. However, while this specific scene embodies the central idea of the film, the rest of the film seems all around the place. There are a number of subplots left underdeveloped and unexplored. In most areas neither the background score and nor the music do justice to the narrative. For the speed, an individual can’t help but believe that was edited to some crisper story the film might hold better.
Ottam comes out of a set of debutants, but feels nothing like a introduction. However, with a poor story and a half baked narration, Ottam is still another could-have-been than anything else.


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