My Santa Film Review


My Santa Film Review

She firmly believes that Santa would require her to heaven to satisfy her parents, even though her peers .
If your desire is real, Santa will certainly come to meet you,” states Aby, a teacher played with Sunny Wayne to his pupils from My Santa. A fantasy-cum-comedy drama led by Sugeeth, My Santa revolves around that idea. There’s friendship, love, longing and, needless to say, some magical minutes, possibly an inevitable part of Christmas films.
My Santa Film Review

Aisa (Baby Manasvi) is a joyous, curious little woman living in the large ranges. Only he can address her difficulties, she thinks. In reality, she pens her grievances to God, believing they’d be addressed via Santa. When she’s on the point of giving up hope and losing her religion in Santa, he radically moves her life. My Santa delves just into this.
Why is this Dileep-starrer watchable is its own festive fervour. Primarily directed at kids, Sugeeth cleverly sets the charm of this mythical Santa Claus and his attachment for kids to great effect. He and author Jemin Cyriac tap to the nearly unreal sense of the entire year to drive their notions about love, peace and forfeit. The gorgeous, misty locale accentuates the disposition whilst music by Vidyasagar backs it up really well. And, Dileep’s humor works mainly. The effort placed by the artwork and visual effects section to make a magic property is commendable.
Dileep is persuasive as Santa who rides on a bullet using the number plate Dec 25, except for his clownish conversation delivery in particular points. Nonetheless, it is Baby Manasvi who enjoys the show along with her acting, coming easily since the loving, innocent and obstinate woman who unconditionally loves her friend Anna.
Towards the finish, the film turns a bit overly spectacular, harming the origin of the narrative. All of a sudden, the joyful, adventurous and dream trip becomes substituted with all the cliched family play routine. Particular scenes such as the one at which a bunch of Santas dancing on a road don’t serve much purpose .
In a nutshell, My Santa is a great Christmas entertainer, particularly for the kids.


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