F2 Movie Review

F2 Movie Review

But there is still something different about the movie. Its entertaining component comes in the frustration of a number of its main characters, and it is so self-aware of exactly what it is attempting to do it does not appear offensive despite the idea it toys around with.
F2 Movie Review

The intention things a good deal, and the more so, to get a movie like F2. Luckily, author and manager Anil Ravipudi does not turn it into a conflict where one sex must demonstrate they are far better than another, although the narrative might have proceeded in this direction at any given stage. Rather, Ravipudi along with his group of authors find humour in easy incidents and regular life of a few. Occasionally, the bone of contention is a package of Surf Excel or even a shopping experience. This’fun’ quotient from the movie is the thing that turns F2 to a laugh riot, thanks to a sharp writing and excellent casting. Quite honestly, it has been quite a while since a mainstream movie was this funny straight from the word go and the gags just keep getting better and better, at least before halfway through to its own narrative.
The movie is all about Venky (Venkatesh), that has married into Harika (Tamannaah), and also the way he finds that life after marriage is anything but enjoyable.
Interesting is the inherent principle of F2 and there is not one scene at the first half of this movie that isn’t amusing for a reason or another. Be it “pellichoopulu” sequence at which Venky matches Harika for the very first time, or the circumstances under which Varun finds Honey’s artistic abilities, Anil Ravipudi injects the film with this much humour you can not help but laugh out loud. Additionally, it helps that the assumption of the movie, where the woman’s family wishes to seize control, sets the stage well for the entertaining component to flow into each part of the narrative, quite effortlessly.
The movie’s biggest advantage, aside from its own writing, comes from the kind of its casting. It is a treat seeing Venkatesh and Varun Tej bring down the roof to their own comic timing. Venkatesh, particularly, is in fantastic shape and this is his most enjoyable outing because Malleswari, that introduced back in 2004. There is a specific scene in which Venky ends up facing a puppy, and how it unfolds is evidence enough of how clever the composing of the movie is. And Tamannaah also excels in her role. F2 also offers a superb collection of supporting actors such as Pragathi, Jhansi, Rajendra Prasad, Annapurna, Pradeep, Y Vijaya amongst others, and all them deliver performances that are noteworthy. Additionally, this is something that remains with you long after viewing the movie, because things move very wayward in the next half.
For all the fantastic work that Anil Ravipudi and celebrities do in the first half, there is a significant tonal change in the next half. The gags feels insistent, along with the humour dries up if the scene is intended to be amusing. While the figures and the narrative evolve in the beginning, from the time we reach a place where the conflict needs to be solved, it does not really have the exact same effect. It may not be too dull, but at precisely the exact same time, it is not that engaging . The orgasm is a different story entirely. Entertaining turns into commotion and it is frustrating to see that a good entertainer shed some of its magical at the latter parts.
Despite its own predecessors, F2 handles to amuse a long time and it is well-intentioned. In the movie, Venky and Varun may have learnt their lesson the hard way, however they really do unravel the key to a lifetime of happiness — which you do not need to understand Venky Aasan, however only follow along with Pradeep says right from the start until the end –“Anthega Anthega.” If this does not make you laugh, then I do not know what’s going to.

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